keskiviikko 22. helmikuuta 2012

Place of Dream and Nightmare

Helsinki International Theatre visits Teatteri Avoimet Ovet for the first time with a play called Place of Dream and Nightmare.

The performance is about Anton who cannot sleep because of some everyday problems that he is pondering. When he finally falls asleep, he is whisked into most bizarre situations by his dreams that show his life in a new perspective. He is taken from dreams to nightmares and back through most unlikely twists. Can Anton’s subconscious break the code and make sense of his life, or will he suffer further insomnia.

Place of Dream and Nightmare is a physical theatre play, in which also elements of circus are used to give more means to stretch the boundaries of the reality. The play is about dreams, nightmares and the difficulties of falling asleep and waking up in the current world. Although there is dialog and speech in the play, it is not tied to any language. This multicultural piece is comprehensible in any language and by any ethnic background.

                                      5.5. 4pm
                                      8.5. 7pm
                                      9.5. 7pm
                                    10.5. 7pm

DIRECTOR:       Anna Jaanisoo
CAST:                 Pauliina Alanko, Inga Björn, Tuukka Jukola, Ilja Mäkelä, 
                            Jatta Stepanoff Harakkamäki

Length appx 2 hours, including intermission.